New coronavirus restriction


The government has announced new coronavirus restrictions that affect visits to museums. One of these restrictions also apply to the National Rescue Museum Dorus Rijkers. Fortunately, we can stay open and a visit to our museum is still a safe, fun and interesting experience.

The coronavirus entry pass

From 6 November, everyone aged 13 and over must show a coronavirus entry pass and identity card when entering the museum. That means if you are visiting the Netherlands and would like visit our museum, you can use your EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) for this purpose. For instance a DCC that is proof of vaccination or proof of recovery of COVID-19. If you don't have a DCC, you will need a negative test result to attend.

Wearing face masks in the museum is not mandatory anymore.

Basic rules

  • There are some general basic rules that apply to everyone:
  • keep 1.5 meters distance from others. That’s safe,
  • do not shake hands with other people,
  • disinfect your hands on arrival with the soap made available in the museum for that purpose,
  • cough and sneeze into your elbow.

Time slots

We no longer works with time slots. This is not mandatory anymore for museums.


  • the audio tour is available as usual and is cleaned after use,
  • there are volunteers who regularly clean certain parts of the museum extra.